Bryan Reynolds owns the original SVX soft top.  It is seen here on the Land Rover stand at the 2008 London Motor Show.

Members Events

A rather disturbing SVX photo from Martin Taylor.  Another SVX at work.

Robert Sargeant in the main show ring at the LRO Peterborough Show 2010.

Peter Van Der Spuy is our most distant owner to date.  Peter lives in Cape Town and these are some great photos of him driving his SVX truly off-road in South Africa.  Hope you can join us in the UK sometime Peter.

We are very pleased to welcome Nicholas Lambrakis to the SVX Owners Club.  The picture shows Nicholas’ SVX soft-top in Cyprus , where he says that there are a total of 2 SVX soft tops and one SVX hard top van.  He is a self declared keen Land Rover enthusiast.  Hope you can join us at an SVX event soon Nicholas.